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The Brand

We started out as a group of London mothers wanting to design products that better suited our modern family lifestyles. Products with great quality, products with a great sense of style and design, products that work for our lives today.

Often its difficult for a high street brand to stock almost everything that appeals to the modern household, information changes so quickly and in an age where one can often find themselves ordering from literally all over the world to find the best products to fit for the most important objects of our affection, we thought it’d be much easier to ask parents what they need, source or produce it beautifully and deliver it directly.

The London Baby Store is a collective of well designed baby products, style and health led alternatives, to environmentally friendly substitutes. We hope you don’t have to venture far to find what you need now, thought up by mothers but designed with kids in mind.

Contact Us

Call Us On: +44(0) 203 740 2044
Email Us At: hello@thelondonbabystore.com

Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

Send Mail To: 186 St Albans Road, Suite 105, Hertfordshire, WD24 4AS

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